Vlad Ivanov

Sales & Marketing

Want to sell Your HOME Fast for the Maximum dollars?

These are a few reasons why you want Vlad Ivanov to HELP You to get the Highest Price for your property:

Vlad Ivanov is a MARKETER. He is a Real Estate SALES Person. His motto is “Nothing gets done unless someone sells something”.

In today’s market you as a Property Owner want to make sure that Your Property is “Marketed” by a PRO.

What separates a PRO from everyone else? Skills! Knowledge & Education!

Imagine if you could SELL Your Property setting a record for your street? Would that be something to desire?

Vlad Ivanov is certified YouTube & Google AdWords specialist. He uses Facebook to promote your Property. He KNOWS the Internet Marketing in fact he is using it to sell properties, and sells them fast.

Your satisfaction is Paramount for Vlad Ivanov. Being a numbers person helps him to keep you well informed and his reports are going to demonstrate where your property gets the highest amount of interest. Interest creates “momentum” and attracts buyers who subsequently start begging to sell them your Property.

What makes Vlad Ivanov the right Real Estate Sales Person for YOU? Many things… yet the main is – he concentrates on the SALE of Your Property making YOU a part of the process.

Typically when a property owner (someone like you) decides to sell- they check five sales people invite two and chose one. Often the one is going to be a friend or friend of a friend or a local agent… This is Your job to make sure that you choose the right Sales Person – your mistake can cost you Tens of Thousands of dollars – choose WISELY.

Want to know how to avoid making the costliest mistake of your life? Once you get the Real Estate of your choice in and listen to their presentation – ask one simple question:

How would you sell our property?

Once you get the answer, call Vlad Ivanov and invite him to compare.

Why buyers love to buy houses from Vlad Ivanov? He is a down to Earth person, who uses his ears and mouth respectively. He listens and helps to find the right solution for all involved parties.

Prior to Real Estate Vlad was working as a Financial Adviser selling insurance & mortgages for seven years. He is considered a certain friend in uncertain times by many of his past and current clients.

Vlad Ivanov

MBA. Diploma is Business.